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AAII Enabled Websites


Omegalpha Honors Society

The academic career of Wolt Fabrycky began in 1957 at the University of Arkansas with an instructorship in Industrial Engineering and Engineering Fundamentals. Then, over the past five decades, Wolt transitioned beyond Industrial Engineering to Systems Engineering (SE) at Virginia Tech. This included establishing Academic Applications International Inc (AAII) in 1979 ( and the Omega Alpha Association (OAA) in 2006 (

Specific content within the OAA site is being expanded to 1) Enhance the key archives from past communications to support policy issues under the Board, 2) Facilitate membership communications, and 3) Showcase posthumous SE honorees when this initiative is approved by the OAA Board.

Systems Thinking, Engineering, and Analysis

Now a third website focused on Systems Thinking in Engineering and Analysis ( has been established to extend the existing websites to advance the global application of Systems Engineering by utilizing the communication and coordination capability of the World Wide Web. It adds a range of SE academic content with selectable modules that go beyond instructional content to include research, accreditation, and academic honors. This comprehensive treatise is more than just an electronic textbook.

Fabrycky has engaged experienced SE/IT experts to integrate and coordinate the content and scope of the three websites to serve the comprehensive, multidisciplinary domain of SE. In addition to making improvements, content is being extended through the STEA website by expanding the Academic Applications Associate category of collaborators. Extension of the OAA site is envisioned by adding a category of posthumous SE giants from the past.

Reorganization to accommodate the STEA materials now emphasizes a customizable downloadable Academic Treatise entitled Systems Thinking, Engineering, and Analysis (STEA), sometimes referred to as STEM for grownups. This Treatise has Four Sections, each with supporting modules that may be downloaded for instructional use at no cost for individuals, or at low cost if adopted for organized group instruction.