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Agouridas, Vassilis (France)

Vassilis Agouridas received his Ph.D. in the School of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Leeds in the UK. He was the first recipient (2002) of the INCOSE / Stevens Doctoral Award for research in Systems Engineering and Integration. Wolt Fabrycky served as the UK mandated external examiner.

His dissertation research sought systematic approaches for identifying, capturing, and linking stakeholders’ intents to technical requirements. The socio-technical nature of his research necessitated the development of a structured methodology with its basis in an mixed-methods approach involving positivistic, action, and case study research methods.

Vassilis has been since 2008 a ranking strategy and company development manager within the Airbus Group, based in France. Prior to joining Airbus, Dr. Agouridas was Faculty Staff at the University of Leeds (Institute of Engineering Systems & Design), UK. Vassilis has earned his MBA in Aerospace Management from the Toulouse Business School in France, his MEng with honors in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering from the University of Newcastle on Tyne, UK, and his BSc with honors in Mechanical Engineering and Pedagogical Studies in Athens, Greece; there, Vassilis received two awards from the Institution of National Scholarships.

Dr. Agouridas is Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy, a qualified teacher in vocational and technical education, a UK Chartered Engineer (CEng) and Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET) and of the British Computer Society (BCS). And, best of all, he was a Student Member of the International Council on Systems Engineering and now is a Full Member, serving as Associate Editor of the Journal of Systems Engineering.

Bharathy, Gnana  (United States)

Gnana Bharathy is an Associate Professor at Northern Illinios University. He received his Ph.D. in Systems Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania, where he also served as a Research Associate in the Ackoff Center for Advancement of Systems Approaches. Bharathy was a recipient of the INCOSE Stevens doctoral award for research in Systems Engineering and Integration.

His academic study was been in the areas of Process and Environmental Engineering, Information Systems, Risk Analysis, and Systems Science. His dissertation aimed to develop a knowledge engineering process for modeling human behavior. Gnana is also involved in modeling and simulation of social systems from the perspective of knowledge flows and identity theory and strategy.

Dr. Gnana attended the National Institute of Technology in Trichy India and the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. His pre-Penn professional experience includes about six years of risk and engineering / technology consulting, one year of teaching, and a brief stint in the process industry. Gnana has lived in several countries, spanning three continents.

Gnana has authored (or co-authored) over fifty technical reports (mostly during his pre-Ph.D. consulting) and ten papers relating to such diverse topics as leader modeling, crowd modeling, consumer personality, organizational transformation, decision-making, risk analysis and risk management, as well as process and environmental engineering. He did his Masters Thesis on Risk Analysis.

Dr. Gnana is a Project Management Institute certified Project Management Professional, and has membership in the Institution of Professional Engineers New Zealand GIPENZ), the Society for Risk Analysis, and the Society for Modeling and Simulation International. Gnana is a member of the International Council on Systems Engineering.

Buczacki, Aleksander (Poland)

Aleksander Buczacki is a Lecturer within the Faculty of Production Enginering of the Warsaw University of Technology. He is an academic member of the emerging Polish INCOSE Chapter and a colleague of Prof. Dr. Cszelaw Cemple (the OAA Charter Member from Poland). Aleksander attended the INCOSE International Workshop (IW 2014) in Los Angeles in 2014, representing the Polish Chapter of INCOSE, and making several friends interested in SE.

Fabrycky, David (USA)

David Fabrycky is an independent consultant in database management, data warehousing, and general IT and is currently serving as a Data Systems Architect. He is also a Certified Oracle database administrator. David received his BS in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Tech and provides IT oversight for the development of worldwide communications for Academic Applications International.

Huynh, Thomas Van (Singapore)

Currently a visiting  Associate Professor at the National University of Singapore, Dr. Van Huynh was an Associate Professor of systems engineering at the Naval Post Graduate School for nine years. Prior teaching was as an Adjunct Professor, Physics and Mathematics, San Jose State University, 1980 –2013.

Earned his Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics at the University of California at Los Angeles, March 1981, M.S. in Physics, University of California at Los Angeles, December 1975, B.A. in Applied Mathematics, University of California at Berkeley, March 1972 B.S. in Chemical Engineering, University of California at Berkeley, March 1972.

Corporate Experience includes 25 years in aerospace engineering and management Fellow, Modeling & Simulation and Information Sciences, Advanced Technology Center, Lockheed Martin Space Systems, Palo Alto, CA, 1980 – 2003. Staff Scientist, Science Applications Inc., El Segundo, CA, 1978 – 1980.

Koelling, Patrick (USA)

Patrick Koelling serves as the National Executive Director of Alpha Pi Mu, the Industrial Engineering Honor Society, headquartered in Blacksburg Virginia. Pat has served on the APM Board for almost two decades along with Wolt Fabrycky (a past president) and a dozen others. He continues to be a strong supporter of interdisciplinary graduate study in Systems Engineering as promulgated by INCOSE and AAII. Dr. Koelling is a tenured faculty member within the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Virginia Tech for decades.

Kolomiyets, Georgiy (USA)

Georgiy Kolomiyets is a data storage and security specialist based at Virginia Tech serving within the IT organization led by AAII Partner Scott Midkiff. His expertise focuses on the management of academic data and the development of administrative IT systems for the support of academic functions. For AAII, Georgiy serves as the web stratigest, providing technical guidance for AAII Webmaster Rose Bowen of Global Exposures Web Services.

McCrae, Elizabeth (USA)

Elizabeth McCrae served as Secretary-Treasurer of AAII and Omega Alpha, the Systems Engineering Honor Society, from the founding of AAII in 1979 and Omega Alpha in 2005 through 2018. Elizabeth served as AAII Secretary for its initial decade. Elizabeth’s doctorate is in musicology from Boston University. She is an accomplished pianist and violinist with a keen personal interest in Systems Thinking as it is being promulgated by AAII.

Mize, Joseph (USA)

Joe Mize is Regents Professor Emeritus at Oklahoma State University. He served Prentice Hall with Wolt Fabrycky as co-editors of the PH International Series in ISE from its beginning in 1972 up until 2005. Joe can provide valuable insight for those interested in textbook authorship, both from his own titles and from the many years he served as a co-editor. The Fabrycky / Mize effort was featured in a summary article in the PH Annals entitled ‘Excellence Endures’ (see Textbook Publications).

Wasson, Charles (USA)

Charles Wasson is possibly the leading spokesman and strategist for preserving the engineering foundation for Systems Engineering and its co-existence within Systems Thinking Engineering and Analysis (STEA). His lead technical paper regarding this important issue was presented at INCOSE 2018 in July 2018 where he was inducted as one of three new INCOSE Fellows. This paper can be dwnloaded from this AAII web site at no cost by clicking on the link below. Charles would welcome collaboration regarding the engineering emphasis  of SE and STEA. See Tetbook Publications for a look at the secobd edition of his 9xx page textbook available from John Wley and Sons.