Welcome to AAII

Academic Applications International traces its academic legacy to the founding of Systems Engineering at Virginia Tech in 1969. AAII’s corporate lineage began ten years later with Virginia State Corporation Commission registration in 1979. By its 37th anniversary in 2016, AAII had transitioned almost completely to web-based modes of communication for the support of collaboration worldwide.

AAII seeks to advance both the academic and the academic application aspects of Systems Thinking, Engineering, and Analysis (STEA), sometimes informally called STEM for grownups. Collaboration is underway with academically inclined individuals, academic institutions, professional and private organizations, and public agencies based on mutual interest in advancing STEA “know how” for application within selected “know what” domains.

The primary purpose of this web site is to showcase and offer selected academic and technical materials of possible value for use by individuals at no cost. Access to these materials for instructional use at low cost, and suggested utilization of this site for instructional support, are presented under the last menu item (Supporting You).

Our objective is to generate the best possible client value by providing the following products and services, both in person and on-line:

  • SE Academic Program Development
  • Applied SE Research and Development
  • Academic and Technical SE Publications 
  • SE Instructional and Consulting Services

We strive to provide the best possible academic application value through:

  • Design for Operational Effectiveness
  • Supportability Engineering and Management
  • Life-Cycle Costing and Design for Affordability
  • Logistics Engineering and Management
  • Engineering Process Development