Academic Papers

Engineering Economy at the System Level – ASEE 2015

Because of the intricacy required to explain the desirability of integrating Engineering Economy at the system level, it seemed best to bifurcate the integrator and the integrated, presenting relevant material topic-by-topic. Instead of explaining each topic in its integrated form with concurrent justification, integration is made visible as though it is considered appropriate. Justification is provided within a text box at the end of each topic where it is offered for examination and critique.

Communicating from the general to the specific, is necessary in this paper. The system level must be recognized and addressed first, without getting overly enthusiastic about the potential for Engineering Economy when integrated at that level. Specifics will emerge from seven topics wherein Engineering Economy and the system level are shown to interface in a significant way. Implications for these interfaces are addressed by summary comments within each text box.

2015 ASEE Paper

University of Arkansas Invited Lecture on Systems Engineering – 2015

This is a lecture invited by Dr. Edward A. Pohl, Head of Industrial Engineering and Dr. John A. White, Chancellor Emeritus of the University of Arkansas in October 2015 to commemorate the beginning of Fabrycky’s academic career that began within IE at UArk in 1957. It is an overview of  SE presenting Emerging Attributes, Utilizing Systems Analysis, Simple and Comprehensive Examples, Portfolio Manifestations, Summaries, Recommendations, and Selected References.

2015 UArk Lecture

A Prospectus for the Certification of SE Degree Programs – ASEE 2012

This is the second of two coordinated papers on Systems Engineering authored by Fabrycky. It examines the need for and current status of SE academic program oversight, making the case that accreditation is virtually non-existant at the graduate level. Academic program certification is suggested as a possible alternative to ABET accreditation, utilizing an outside-in aproach through the professional societies.

2012 ASEE Prospectus

Systems Engineering: Its Emerging Academic and Professional Attributes – ASEE 2010

This is the first of two coordinated papers on Systems Engineering authored by Fabrycky. It focuses on the emerging academic attributes of this engineering interdiscipline and then goes on to summarize a number of its professional attributes. The database published by Fabrycky and McCrae through INCOSE in 2005 is updated and included in this paper to provide a basis for some of the SE attributes discussed.

2010 SE Proceedings Paper

Understanding and Influencing Systems Engineering in Academia – INCOSE 2007

This is a short article published by Fabrycky in INCOSE INSIGHT. Its purpose is to provide guidance for those interested in the characteristics of SE in academia with an emphasis on some means for influencing the educational process.


Systems Engineering Degree Programs in the United States – INCOSE 2005

This foundational paper by Fabrycky and McCrae collects in one place tabular exhibits of US degree programs in SE. The compilation is partitioned for the first time into two academic program categories: Systems Centric SE (SCSE) and Domain Centric SE (DCSE). This partioning is credited with demonstrating that INCOSE desires to be helpful with the development of SE in the established domains of engineering, and should not be viewed as a threat. The INCOSE academic focus is mainly on Systems Centric SE degree programs within universities and ABET.

2005 INCOSE Paper

Charter for Systems Engineering Degree Programs – 1996

1996 Program Description and Charter

Systems Engineering at Virginia Tech: Twenty-Five Years of Development, INCOSE 1994
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